Police Department


10200 Slater Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708



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Name Title Email Phone
Sheppard, Matt Chief of Police 714-593-4454
Shigemasa, Martha Secretary to the Chief of Police   714-593-4456
Desantis, Steve Support Services Commander 714-593-4475
Luce, Tony Patrol Division Commander 714-593-4528
Hsu, Henry Personnel and Training Sergeant 714-593-4472
Rodriguez, Sherlyn Division Secretary   714-593-4524

Crime Prevention 
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Name Title Email Phone
Minney, Joanne Crime Prevention 714-593-4526

Detective Bureau 


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Name Title Email Phone
Frahm, Jarrod Detective Lieutenant 714-593-4452
Hughes, Bill General Investigation Sergeant 714-593-4468
Holmes, Kimberly Sexual Assault / Juvenile Crimes / Missing Persons 714-593-4480
Marquez, Issac Persons Crimes 714-593-4466
Roddy, Ben Property Crimes / Auto Theft 714-593-4465
Rodriguez, Sergio West Property Crimes 714-593-4461
Vega, Julio Fraud / Forgery 714-593-4495
Detective, Crime Supression Crime Suppression Unit 714-593-4489
Geraci, Jennifer Crime Analyst 714-593-4534

Identification / Property 
Link: Property & Evidence

Name Title Email Phone
DiCroce, Jessica CSI ID Technician 714-593-4471
Thao, Cheng Property / Evidence 714-593-4473

Patrol Lieutenants 

Name Title Email Phone
Vang, Kham Patrol Lieutenant / Watch Commander 714-593-4529
Parsons, Mike Patrol Lieutenant / Watch Commander 714-593-4455

Patrol Sergeants 
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Name Title Phone
Emerson, Brent Patrol Sergeant 714-593-4485
Spangler, Antonius Patrol Sergeant 714-593-4485
Farmer, Donald Patrol Sergeant 714-593-4485
Williams, Heather Patrol Sergeant 714-593-4485
Scott, Gloria Patrol Sergeant 714-593-4485
Pratt, Jennifer Patrol Sergeant 714-593-4485

Records Bureau 


Link: Records Bureau Page

Name Title Email Phone
Records, FVPD Records Department 714-593-4450

Support Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Garcia, Griselda Support Services Manager 714-593-4531
Blum, Tina Support Services Supervisor 714-593-4522

Traffic Bureau 
Link: Traffic Bureau Page

Name Title Email Phone
Vang, Kham Traffic Lieutenant 714-593-4529
Mosher, Brian Traffic Sergeant 714-593-4481
Clements, Anthony Traffic Investigator 714-593-4481