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Apr 24

Measure HH - Essential Services Oversight Appointments

Posted on April 24, 2017 at 9:03 AM by Communications Team

The City Council appointed and approved the members of the Measure HH - Essential Services Oversight Committee on April 4. The appointed members are as follows:

One-year term - Michelle Jensen (Yes on Measure HH)
One-year term -  Michael White (Alternate)
Two-year term - Margie Drilling (At Large) and Jeffery Stone (No on Measure HH)
Three-year term - John Brisco (65 Senior) and Matt Taylor (Business Resident)

Committee Purpose: The purpose of the Measure HH Oversight Committee is to review, at a policy level, the City’s annual audited financial statement, mid-year budget report and proposed annual general fund operating budget in regards to the receipt and expenditure of the fiscal year’s one-cent transactions and use (sales) tax (Measure HH – Essential City Services) in relation to the City’s adopted “Responsible Spending Pledge.” The committee will communicate its findings to the public and the City Council twice a year for the first three years and annually thereafter.

Measure HH – Essential City Services (1% sales tax increase) has been in effect since April 1, 2017. Measure HH will restore and fund Fountain Valley’s essential public safety and essential city services with a reliable source of locally-controlled funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento. The City will receive its first 1% sales tax revenue from Measure HH in September 2017.

For updated information on Measure HH – Essential City Services, you can visit the City website by clicking here.