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Apr 23

Only Flush the 3 P’s: Pee, Poop and toilet Paper

Posted on April 23, 2020 at 4:41 PM by Maggie Le

Pee poop paper graphic
In order to keep your household sewer pipes and the City’s sewer system flowing smoothly, it’s important to remember to only flush the 3 P’s: Pee, Poop and toilet Paper. Toilet paper is designed to break down quickly in water so it doesn’t clog pipes when used in appropriate quantities. Sanitary products, tissues, paper towels, napkins, paper, cloth, socks, dental floss, condoms, disinfecting wipes and even so called “flushable” wipes are made of materials that don’t break down. If these items are flushed, they can block your household plumping, the City sewer mains and sewer pump stations. Avoid costly plumbing expenses by throwing these items in the trash instead. To learn more about what to flush, visit what2flush.com.

Parents: Want to keep your kids busy? Fill a large bowl or pitcher with water. Ask your kids how long they think it will take for two squares of toilet paper to break down.  Add two squares of toilet paper to the water and stir. Time how long it takes for the toilet paper to break down. Repeat the process again with a “flushable” wipe. (Hint: Your kids will give up before the wipe breaks down.) Talk to your kids about what to flush and what not to flush. Remember the 3 P’s: Pee, Poop and toilet Paper.