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Jun 17

Commercial Organics Recycling

Posted on June 17, 2019 at 3:14 PM by Tonisha Beal

Commercial Organic Recycling

New State law (AB 1826) requires businesses and apartment complexes that generate a 
certain amount of organic waste to arrange for organic waste* recycling. The following chart shows the state-mandated implementation schedule.


Generated Organic Waste

April 1, 2016

8 cubic yards or more of organic waste per week

January 1, 2017

4 cubic yards or more of organic waste per week

January 1, 2019

4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week

*Apartment complexes are not required to have a food waste diversion program.

Republic Services is proud to offer the following services to help your business comply with AB 1826:

  • Waste Audits - Republic’s experienced staff can conduct a waste audit to determine your organics recycling needs.
  • Educational Program and Material - Republic can develop and help your business implement the right program to fit your needs.
  • Program Compliance - Republic will help your business meet the requirements of AB 1826.
For more information: (800) 299-4898