Drought Information

​California's Drought Is Over!

City Council adopted a resolution at their July 18, 2017, meeting ending the Level 1 Water Supply Watch Alert and returning the City to its standard Permanent Water Conservation Requirements (FVMC 14.18.040), effective July 19, 2017. This action was in response to Governor Brown's Executive Order B-40-17 which declared an end to California's drought state of emergency after a very wet winter that improved the State's water supplies.

For more information about the City's current water conservation requirements visit our Water Restrictions page.

Make Conservation a California Way of Life

Although the drought is over, the State and City encourage everyone to "Make Conservation a California Way of Life" by continuing the water-wise practices they adopted during the drought, including limiting watering to no more that 3 days a week.  

Help Save Water - Please Report Water Waste

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Additional Water Conservation Information