Retired Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP Squad Group Picture - 2019


The Fountain Valley Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) was established in June 1990, starting with nine RSVP volunteers.  The program currently has approximately 45 members. RSVPs work in a variety of capacities and under the guidance of a Police Sergeant.  RSVPs are selected for service through a competitive interview process.  They attend in-depth training where they learn about the organization and inner workings of the Police Department.  Their training includes radio codes and procedures, how to issue a parking citation, how to take fingerprints, drive a Department vehicle and conduct residential vacation checks.  Upon graduation they are sworn in by the Chief of Police and work with other RSVP members.

2018 RSVP Volunteer Picture
Initially RSVPs conducted residential vacation checks, conducted fingerprinting, clerical tasks and participated in various special events such as DUI checkpoints and the Every Fifteen Minutes Program. Over the years their duties have expanded.  In 1995 RSVP members began visiting local business in order to obtain updated emergency contact information. This information was critical for officers responding to emergencies. RSVPs also work with Code Enforcement patrolling residential tracts for violations such as overgrown lawns, vehicles parked on lawns or improperly stored trashcans.  These activities help maintain Fountain Valley as a safe and aesthetically pleasing community. 



·    Police Department Mission and Values Statement

·    Organization and Duties of various Units within the Police Department

·    Police Procedures including; Radio Procedure, Defensive Driving, Issuing Parking Citations and Livescan Fingerprinting

·    Community service to enhance life experience, character development and teamwork


·    Wears the RSVP Uniform

·    Completes RSVP Training

·    Attends a monthly training meeting

·    Volunteers Approximately 20 hours per month

·    Conducts Vacation Home Checks

·    Removes Illegal Signage on Public Property

·    Issues Handicapped and Expired Registration Parking Citations

·    Conducts Live scan Fingerprinting Services

·    Assists Officers at DUI checkpoints, National Night Out and Summerfest

·    Assists Code Enforcement Identify Violations in Neighborhoods

·    Assists the City with Business Licensing

·    Updates Business Emergency Contact Information


                       BECOME AN RSVP VOLUNTEER!

RSVP Applicant Requirements:

·    55 years and older

·    Live in the local area

·    Submit to a criminal background check

·    Demonstrate a desire to serve the public

2018 RSVP Ceremony Picture
If you are interested in becoming a Retired Senior Volunteer, please click this link to submit an Interest Card to FVPD.