Detective Bureau

Det Bureau Photo 2022

The Fountain Valley Police Department Detective Bureau is commanded by the Detective Bureau Lieutenant and consists of; General Investigations, Crime Suppression Unit, Crime Analysis and Crime Scene Investigations.

General Investigations is staffed by one sergeant and five detectives assigned to conduct secondary investigations involving crimes against a person, property crimes, fraud, or sex crimes.   

The Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) is staffed by one sergeant and three detectives.  CSU responsibilities include crime fighting strategies that focus on repeat offenders, impacting emerging crime trends, narcotics enforcement, vice and massage operations, and gang and graffiti crimes.

The Crime Analyst is responsible for identifying emerging crime patterns and trends, conducting in-depth crime trend analysis and tracking repeat offenders that live in or frequent the city.  The Crime Analyst develops intelligence information to assist detectives identify crime suspects and helps police supervision identify where police resources should be focused for directed enforcement.

The Crime Scene Investigations Technician responds to crime scenes and documents, collects and conducts forensic analysis of evidence needed to solve crimes. The CSI Technician preserves the evidence and provides that evidence for criminal prosecutions.

The different attributes of these units are designed to complement and strengthen the capabilities of the entire Detective Bureau team, as they work together to fulfill the Police Department Mission of ‘protecting life and safe guarding property.