Canine Officer

The Fountain Valley Police Department's Canine team consists of Officer Sergio Rodriguez and his partner, "Figo", a German Shepherd, and Officer Bill Hughes and his partner, "Perro", a German Shepherd.  The canine team is on call 24 hours a day.
Canine officers and their partners undergo extensive training prior to being assigned to patrol. After assignment to patrol, the team continues with varying levels of daily, weekly and monthly training. Canine officers and their partners are used to track and locate hidden suspects, apprehend fleeing felons or locate hidden firearms and narcotics.  When a canine finds a hidden suspect they are trained to bark and hold, unless the suspect attempts to flee or becomes assaultive.  The team is an effective deterrent to encourage peaceful compliance of combative and concealed suspects. Canines are trained to be social dogs and are friendly with the general public, but don't approach one without asking the officer first.


Both canines enjoy a healthy family atmosphere, living at the officers homes. As a result a strong bond develops between an officer and their partner. Upon retirement, canines continue to live with their officer handler.