Mission Statement

The Finance Department is dedicated to sustaining financial strength & viability through fiscally sound financial management; insuring the highest level of customer service while providing efficient, value added services that maximize the City's financial resources and public trust.
Our Finance Department has the fiscal responsibility of maintaining and monitoring the city's budgetary process including expenditures and revenues for the fiscal year. Included in this task is:
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Budget Processing
  • Business Licenses
  • Investments
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing
  • Water Bills and Trash Payments
The department also prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual fiscal reports, which every department utilizes in planning their operations and expenditures.
2019-20 Budget Cover Page
2019-20 Proposed Budget

On Tuesday, June 11th at 6pm, the City Council will consider the adoption of the Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20 at City Hall. The Proposed Budget and 20-Year Financial Plan can be found here:

On May 14, 2019, the City Council held a budget workshop to review and discuss the Proposed Annual Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for Fiscal Year 2019/20, which provides a funding road map for the coming year that enables us to deliver the cost-effective quality public services that will provide a safe and desirable community that enriches its residents and businesses.

The General Fund Budget for 2019/20 reflects a balanced operating budget where operating revenues exceed operating expenditures by approximately $6.7 million. This $6.7 million balance is programmed in accordance to the City Council’s 20-Year Financial Plan and the Measure HH Responsible Spending Pledge. $4.7 million dollars will be set aside to rebuild City reserves and $2 million dollars will be used to make an additional payment to CalPERS. The City’s fiscal policy is guided by the 20-Year Financial Plan, which provides for long-term fiscal sustainability.

The Measure HH – Essential City Services Oversight Committee oversees the receipt and expenditure of Measure HH revenues and ensures fiscal accountability and transparency. On May 2, 2019 the Oversight Committee concluded that the budgeted Measure HH revenue and expenses for 2019/20 are consistent with the intent of the Measure HH ballot measure and the Responsible Spending Pledge.