City Parks & Facilities

The City of Fountain Valley affords you and your family over 150 acres of neighborhood parks, activity buildings, and athletic facilities. Have a picnic, play at your neighborhood park, or simply enjoy a walk on one of the many scenic trails in our city. We encourage you and your families to enjoy these city amenities and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Bounce House Reminder

Bounce houses are not permitted in any Fountain Valley city operated parks. However, they are allowed on the county side of Mile Square Park. For more information, call the Ranger Station at 714-973-6600 and select Option 4 to speak to a Ranger or leave a message. 

Park Policies and Regulations

No Littering
No Glass Containers
No Alcoholic Beverages
No Tobacco
No Unleashed Dogs
No Vehicle on Turf
No Overnight Camping
No Golfing, Boxing, Wrestling, or Martial Arts
No Fireworks, Firearms, Airguns, or Weapons
No Flying Model Aircrafts
No Advertising
No Amplified Sound Equipment
No Commercial Activities
No Fires Except in Designated Areas
No Obstructing Trails or Pathways
No Overnight Parking
No Persons Allowed in Park Between Sunset or When the Sports Field Lights Turn Off, Whichever is Later, and 6:00am the Following Day

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