Fats, Oils, Greases & Grease Haulers

Grease haulers pump out the contents of grease removal devices and dispose of the grease at sewage treatment facilities. Unfortunately, many grease hauling companies have been caught illegally dumping grease from their clients' grease removal devices into sewer manholes or storm drains.

Protect Your Business
Food service facilities will be held responsible when grease from their facilities is improperly handled, and can face large fines as a result. To protect your business and the environment you should closely monitor the activities of the grease hauling companies you hire to be certain that they are acting responsibly.

It is recommended that an employee be assigned to supervise the grease hauler. Ask questions about how the hauler handles the grease waste from your facility. Very low prices for grease pumping and hauling services may be an indication that the hauler is not properly disposing of the grease. It is also important that grease removal devices be cleaned out often.

Proper Disposal
Proper disposal of used cooking grease is required by law. When retail food establishments disregard sewer use regulations and improperly dispose of grease, fat or oil, sewer lines can become clogged and sewage can back up into homes and businesses, or flows into the storm drain system where it can reach the ocean and cause significant health and environmental problems. When that happens, the entire community suffers.

The Concern
Sewer problems can also affect public health. In some areas, backups are frequently caused by grease clogging the local sewers. Use a trash can for food scraps. Solid waste can accommodate 20 percent liquid so even your gravies and other oily sauces can be sent to the dumpster. Handle solid waste wisely for health safety: secure trash bags, dump daily, and keep the dumpster lid secured.

Sign Postings

Posting "No Grease" signs will remind your employees not to pour used cooking grease, hood-vent grease, or any other used fats and oils down the sink drain. Contrary to popular belief, adding hot water, detergent, or even commercial degreasers does not liquefy the grease long enough to escape your drains. Posting signs will remind employees to use the recycle container.