Opportunity Sites

The General Plan Update will consider focused updates to the City's current Land Use Plan. Fourteen Preliminary Opportunity sites have been selected based on:

  1. Property owner interest,
  2. Identification in prior planning efforts, or
  3. City staff's knowledge of Fountain Valley

Through the General Plan Update process these sites will be evaluated for potential land use change. The list is preliminary and may change overtime. The City conducted a survey to collect the initial impressions that the community has of the sites from the end of January through mid-March 2019, the results of the survey will be posted on this page soon.

Take a tour of the sites.

The City recommends that you familiarize yourself with these sites by either visiting them in person and/or taking a virtual tour. 

  • TO VISIT IN PERSON, click here to download a map of the sites and their physical addresses. Use the map, your phone, or your car's GPS to visit the sites. The sites are listed in the same order on the map and this survey, so you can take the map with you and take the survey while you're visiting the sites.
  • TO TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR, click here to see aerial and street view maps of each site and the surrounding area in a simple web-friendly format.