General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) Meetings

The GPAC is an ad hoc committee established by the City of Fountain Valley to serve as one of the primary channels for the community to participate in the update of the General Plan. The purpose of the GPAC is to provide input recommendations to city staff, the consultant team, and ultimately the City Council on key components, such as the vision, opportunity areas, and land use plan. It is anticipated that the GPAC will meet 6 times during the course of the General Plan Update. Please join us, all GPAC meetings are open to the public.

2021 Meeting Dates

October 7:  Agenda, The purpose of this meeting is to review the draft Housing Element before it is transmitted to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Presentation Slides, SummaryNo Meeting Video Available
April 28: Joint Planning Commission/City Council Meeting - Revised GPAC Draft Land Use Plan, Agenda, Presentation Slides, Meeting Video (this link redirects to Public Cable Television Authority)
Meeting #7: Agenda, Presentation Slides, Revised Presentation Slides, Summary, Zoom Meeting Recording: GPAC April 22, 2021
March 31: Joint Planning Commission/City Council Meeting - GPAC Draft Land Use Map Consideration, AgendaPresentation Slides, Meeting Video (this link redirects to Public Cable Television Authority)
Meeting #6: March 11 (Draft Land Use Map), Agenda, Presentation Slides,  Draft Summary, Zoom Meeting Recording: GPAC Mar 11, 2021
Meeting #5: Agenda, Presentation Slides, Summary
Meeting #4: Agenda, Presentation Slides, Summary


Meeting #3: Agenda, Draft Vision, Planning System, Market Study 2019, Meeting #3 Summary and Presentation Slides, Updated Draft Vision Statement (updated to reflect GPAC and public input on July 17, 2019)
Meeting #2: Agenda, Preliminary Values and Issues, Mayor's Breakfast Presentation, Draft FVGPU Existing Conditions Infrastructure Report, May 2019, Draft FVGPU Existing Conditions Transportation Report May 2019, Meeting #2 Summary
Bus Tour: Public Notice, Summary, GPAC Workbook
Meeting #1: Agenda, Presentation Slides, Map Book of Preliminary Opportunity Sites, GPAC Guidance Document, Meeting Summary