Fountain Valley Square Remodel

The project includes the demolition of 26,331 square feet of the shopping center and the construction of a new 18,225 square foot anchor building in its place to house a Grocery Outlet with a Type-20 off-sale beer and wine liquor license, a Development Review to remodel the exterior of the entire shopping center with a new modern design, a Variance for a decrease in the rear landscaping requirement, a 6-foot tall wall in-lieu of an 8-foot tall wall, and number of trees required abutting a residential use, and a Conditional Use Permit for a shared parking arrangement for the shopping center. The shopping center is located at 18880 – 18974 Brookhurst Street (northeast corner of Brookhurst Street and Garfield Avenue).

FV Square2

FV Square3

FV Square

FV Square Remodel