Mon Mar 30, 2015

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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement ensures compliance with municipal and other related codes including property maintenance, zoning, public nuisances and business licenses.


The mission of the code enforcement division is to preserve the integrity of the city’s neighborhoods and commercial areas by applying the standards of the Fountain Valley Municipal Code. Code enforcement works in partnership with city residents and businesses to maintain the high standard of living that continues to make Fountain Valley “A Nice Place to Live.”


The goal of the code enforcement division is to educate residents and business owners of city code requirements and to gain voluntary compliance on all municipal code violations. Once a violation is identified, residents and business owners are given every opportunity to voluntarily comply with the provisions of the municipal code. If we are unable to gain voluntary compliance, Code Enforcement may issue an Administrative Citation or forward violations to the City Attorney for further action.

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Fountain Valley's Code Enforcement Section works cooperatively with community members in upholding the City's Municipal Code by ensuring that Fountain Valley is a safe place to live and work and also by preserving the attractive neighborhoods for which Fountain Valley is known.

The City's Code Enforcement Officers safeguard the community from specific hazards and eyesores such as:

Specific Municipal Code Summaries
To clarify what is and what is not allowed within the City, the information below summarizes specific Fountain Valley Municipal Code issues that citizens commonly inquire about:

Vehicle Parking :

Home-Operated Businesses :
Operating a business from one's home requires a business license and a Home Occupation Permit (Home Occupation Permits may be obtained from the City's Planning Division). Call the Business License Division at (714) 593-4421 for more information on Home-Operated businesses.

Fences and Walls :
Side and rear yard fences may not be higher than six feet. For lots that back up to arterial roads, block walls may be extended to a height of 8 feet. A building permit is required for all block walls higher than 36 inches.

Overgrown Vegetation :

Temporary Use Permits:
Certain outdoor business activities require special City permits (over and above the required business license). Activities requiring such permits are:

Applicants for Temporary Use Permits need to apply in person; permits are usually approved on the same day. The fee ranges from $115-$345 depending on the type of event. A $500 refundable clean-up deposit is required for Christmas Tree Lots, Pumpkin Lots, etc.

Signs :
Fountain Valley has special requirements for business sign construction and placement. Per City ordinance, applicants must submit an application for City review. For further information, call 593-4425.

Temporary Banners :
Businesses may display temporary banners up to a maximum size of 45 square feet for a period of 60 days as long as: (1) banners are securely attached to their buildings; and (2) a temporary banner permit has been issued. Temporary Banner Permits may be obtained from the Planning Department for $50. Pennants and free-standing banners may not be used in Fountain Valley.

Leaf Blower Time Restrictions:
Leaf blowers shall not operate between the hours of 6pm and 8am, Monday through Friday, 6pm and 9am, Saturday and at no time on Sunday.

Commercial Deliveries:
Delivery prohibited within 100 feet of a residential zoned property between the hours of 10pm and 7am or at any time on Sunday or a legal holiday.

Hours of Construction - Noise:
Construction hours are as follows; 7am to 8pm Monday through Friday, 9am to 8pm Saturday, and at no time on Sunday or legal holidays.

How To File A Complaint
Complaints may be filed in person, by email, by mail, or by phone during normal business hours. Simply follow these easy steps to register a complaint:

  1. Clearly identify the specific complaint or nuisance.
  2. Give your name, address, and phone number (this essential information will be kept confidential).
  3. Identify the problem's specific location (street name and house number). If the address is unknown, try to give a specific property location (e.g., northwest corner of Ellis and Bushard); and
  4. Furnish a specific description of the complaint (e.g., vehicle license plate number, debris description, etc.).

Complaints may be made by calling Code Enforcement at (714) 593-4444 or by email at


Fountain Valley City Hall
10200 Slater Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92702
(714) 593-4444

For any of these problems, please contact the appropriate agency:

LOOSE OR EXCESSIVELY NOISY ANIMALS : Orange County Animal Control (714) 935-6304 or 935-7419

ANIMAL LICENSING : Orange County Animal Control (714) 935-6300

RATS, MOSQUITOES, FLIES, OR PESTS : Orange County Vector Control (714) 971-2421

FOOD-RELATED COMPLAINTS : (such as unsanitary restaurants or possible food poisonings): Orange County Health Department (714) 667-3600.