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1. What are the City's water restrictions, and how do they apply to me?
2. When did the restrictions go into effect?
3. How is the 10% mandated reduction for Fountain Valley measured?
4. How will the water restrictions be enforced?
5. Why isn't the City making this more of an incentive-based approach rather than a punitive-based approach?
6. How is Fountain Valley doing its part?
7. What are the specific watering requirements for outdoor landscaping?
8. How are the time frames for each day determined?
9. When daylight saving time ends in the fall, it will be dark when we are allowed to water. Will the watering prohibition between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. still be in effect?
10. What does 15 minutes per station per day mean?
11. If 3 days per week at 15 minutes per station = 45 minutes, can I spread my 45 minutes over more days in smaller increments?
12. What if 15 minutes per station per day is too much?
13. Why can't I choose the three days a week that I water?
14. How can I prevent runoff?
15. Watering of turf medians is prohibited. What is a turf median?
16. What resources are available to help me reduce my water use?
17. Do drip irrigation systems have the same restrictions?
18. How are soaker hoses treated?
19. Can I use water that I capture in a bucket in the shower while the water is warming up or water I used for cooking vegetables to water my plants?
20. Is the City encouraging gray water systems?
21. Why are they watering during the day at Mile Square Park?