The Mike Thompson’s Recreational Vehicle Superstore was a bad deal for the City.
The City receives approximately $425,000 in annual rental payments from Mike Thompson RV (former City Yard Property). In addition, the City receives at least .50 cents on every sales tax dollar generated at both Mike Thompson locations in Fountain Valley. The City General Fund receives financial benefits from these agreements that are between $400,000 - $1,000,000 per year after the tax sharing arrangement approved under the Redevelopment Agency. Due to the State’s decision to dissolve Redevelopment Agency in 2012, the tax sharing arrangement (as low as $0 and up to $480,000 with today’s record) that was paid by the Redevelopment Agency has now been absorbed by the General Fund. With the agreements, the City continues to receive additional sales tax revenues at the former City Yard Property to provide vital services to the community. The City is pleased to have Mike Thompson as one of our business partners.

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1. Are cities liable to maintain certain levels of public safety staffing?
2. The City of Fountain Valley requires Loco Lemon to pay $3,500 in license and permit fees?
3. Our current Fire Department paramedic deployment is not efficient and costly.
4. Questions have arisen about the need for overtime paid in the Police and Fire Departments.
5. The Mike Thompson’s Recreational Vehicle Superstore was a bad deal for the City.
6. The Police Department says electronic billboards are not a driving distraction.
7. Every business in town is required to have a conditional use permit in order to operate.
8. An article in the Orange County Register that appeared in the Dec. 18 Local section, included the headline, “Fountain Valley delays vote on LED billboard.”
9. In the same article, it is stated: “In October, then-mayor Nagel announced that he would cast a no vote due to concerns that the billboard could jeopardize the nearby Crossings development the city.
10. The proposed Clear Channel Outdoor Electronic Billboard is illegal according to the City’s Municipal Code.
11. Existing Businesses will be pushed out of the proposed Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan area if the new zoning is adopted.
12. The proposed Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan is being pushed on the city by a San Francisco developer and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).