Water Customer Portal

As part of the City’s efforts to help customers manage their water usage and save money, the City is now offering all residents and businesses the capability of monitoring water consumption through the use of our new Water Customer Portal. Customers can use the portal to view their water consumption data online and to sign up to receive email alerts. 

The new Water Customer Portal allows customers to view up-to-date data regarding their hourly, daily, weekly and monthly water usage and to use the information to identify potential problems, manage their water use and aid in water conservation efforts. 
Each water meter transmits usage data to the network overnight from the previous day. (For additional information about the Advanced Water Metering system, please click HERE.) Water usage is reported in cubic feet (CF) on the portal. Please refer to the table to the right for assistance with conversion of CF or Billing Units to Gallons of water.  One cubic foot of water equals 7.48 gallons. So the use of 100 CF of water equals 748 gallons.
Click here to set up a Water Customer Portal account. (An online water billing account is not needed to access the Water Customer Portal. The Water Customer Portal is for informational purposes and is a separate account.)

Helpful Hints for Setting Up a Water Customer Portal Account
  • You will need your most recent water bill to set up an account.
  • When entering your account number on the registration form, be sure to enter all twelve digits, including dashes, from your most recent water bill.
  • Your password is case sensitive and must include a minimum of seven letters and one number.
  • Enter the “AMOUNT DUE” from your most recent water bill to verify that you are the owner of the account.
  • If you don’t receive a “Customer Connect Account Activation” email after signing up online, check your spam folder.
  • For best results, update your browser before using the portal.
If you need assistance setting up an account, please contact our water billing customer service representatives at (714) 593-4420.
Already signed up for a Customer Portal Account? 
Click here to go directly to the portal.
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Conversion Table