Harbor Boulevard South Island Specific Plan

The Ramser Development Company has submitted a proposal for a Specific Plan for the properties located at 16790, 16800, 16830, and 16842 Harbor Boulevard. This area is previously known as the South County Island along Harbor Boulevard that was incorporated into the City of Fountain Valley in 2009. The proposed 6.5 acre Specific Plan will allow for a variety of uses usually permitted in the M1 Manufacturing zone in 3 separate Planning Areas. Planning Area 1 and 3 would allow self-storage uses at a maximum of 1.11 Floor Area Ratio (FAR); all other uses would be limited to 0.6 FAR. Planning Area 2 would allow a maximum 0.6 FAR for all uses.
The project also includes the proposal for a new state of the art Storage Depot Self Storage facility located in the northernmost Planning Area 1 of the proposed Specific Plan (16790 & 16800 Harbor Blvd). The project consists of approximately 644 self-storage units in 96,733 square feet in two separate buildings. 

Building A will be one (1) story and will front onto Harbor Boulevard. It will include the main customer service office, restrooms, and 31 self-storage units. Building B will be set behind Building A and will consist of a three (3) story building with 571 interior loaded self-storage units that are served by elevators in two separate lobbies – one on the west side of the building and one on the east side. Building B will also provide 41 drive up units around the perimeter of the ground floor of the building.

The proposed two buildings will be contemporary in design featuring textured masonry, prefinished insulated metal panels, and aluminum glazing on all building orientations. Building A will provide exterior design elements including glass partitions and architecturally framed panels fronting Harbor Boulevard. Building B will feature architectural elements on the northwest and southwest corners that will be visible from Harbor Boulevard.

Proposed entitlements for this project will include a new Specific Plan, a Zone Change, a Precise Plan for the development of the proposed 96,733 square foot Storage Depot facility, and a Lot-Line Adjustment to merge the two properties in Planning Area 1 for Storage Depot. Planning Commission and City Council review has not yet been scheduled.

Project Resources

Mitigated Negative Declaration

The City of Fountain Valley, as the Lead Agency, has prepared
a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed Harbor Boulevard South Island Specific Plan pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act. The public review period for the MND is January 14, 2016 to February 3, 2016.

The public is invited to provide comments on the Mitigated Negative declaration to the attention of:

Mr. Steven Ayers, Planner, City of Fountain Valley
10200 Slater Avenue. Fountain Valley, CA  92708
714 593-4431
Mitigated Negative Declaration for Harbor Boulevard South Island Mitigated Negative Declaration for Harbor Boulevard South Island Specific Plan
Appendix A - Air Quality Greenhouse Gas Report

     Calee Annual
     Calee Daily
      Fountain Valley Self Storage Air Quality GHG Reports
Appendix B - Geotechnical Report
      Geotechnical Report
      Soil Infiltration Study
Appendix C - Phase ! Environmental Site Assessment
Appendix DPreliminary Water Quality Management Plan
Appendix ENoise Report
Appendix FTraffic Report
Appendix G - Response to Comments and Mitigation Monitoring Program
Harbor Boulevard South Island Specific Plan


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