Costco Expansion Project

The proposed Costco Expansion Project includes a 7,356 square foot building addition to the existing 152,700 square foot Costco Wholesale warehouse. The total new building floor area will be 160,056 square feet. The proposed addition shall provide additional sales floor area along with a new Shop-in Produce Cooler.  

The proposed project also includes an expansion to the existing Costco Fuel Facility. The existing fuel facility has eight (8) islands with fuel dispensers that provide sixteen (16) fueling positions. This project proposes to add four (4) islands and fuel dispensers on the entry stacking area of the existing facility. The proposed expansion will provide for eight (8) additional fueling positions to help reduce the amount of cars in the queue waiting to fill up their vehicles. The result will provide a total of twenty four (24) fueling positions. In addition, the existing fuel canopy is proposed to be expanded by 3,374 square feet for a total canopy area of 7,214 square feet. Costco also is proposing to add a 20,000 gallon diesel fuel underground storage tank (UST) and a 1,500 gallon underground storage diesel additive tank (UST) for the gas station.  

The proposed design of the building addition and fuel canopy expansion will match the design of the existing Costco warehouse and fuel facility in materials and colors.

Proposed entitlements for this project will include a Precise Plan for the 7,356 square foot addition to the Costco building and the addition of four (4) pump islands and 3,374 square foot addition to the existing gas station and a Conditional Use Permit Modification for the proposed changes to the Costco gas station. Planning Commission review has not yet been scheduled.

Mitigated Negative Declaration

The City of Fountain Valley, as the Lead Agency, has prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed Costco Expansion Project pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act. 
The public review period for the MND is February 25, 2016 to March 16, 2016.
The public is invited to provide comments on the Mitigated Negative declaration to the attention of:

Mr. Steven Ayers, Planner, City of Fountain Valley
10200 Slater Avenue. Fountain Valley, CA  92708
714 593-4431 - Email
Mitigated Negative Declaration for Costco Expansion Project 
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