June 28 - August 19

Tuesday to Friday

Session 1: June 28 – July 8

Session 2: July 12 – July 22

Session 3: July 26 – August 5

Session 4: August 9 – August 19

Parent & Me (6 months to 3 years)
Parents and children learn together through two fun-filled levels to increase children's comfort in the water and build a foundation of basic aquatics.
Level 1: Basic skills including safety topics to parents and children.
Level 2: Builds on skills from 1, with participants improving these skills

Pre-School Aquatics (around 4 to 5 years)
Three age- appropriate levels teach basic aquatic safety and survival skills to increase comfort level in the water.
Level 1: Orients children to the aquatic environment and helps them gain basic water skills.
Level 2: Children gain greater independence in their skills and develops more comfort around the water.
Level 3: Children start to gain basic swimming skills to be comfortable in the water.

Learn-to-Swim (around 6 to 14 years)
Six progressive levels help swimmers of varying ages and abilities develop their water safety, survival skills.
Level 1:  Builds confidence and develops safety skills in and around water. For children with little or no prior swim instruction.
Level 2: Students are introduced to the front and back crawl.
Level 3: Must hold level 2 certificate or be able to perform skill level. Students refine  the front and back crawl and introduced to butterfly.
Level 4: Must hold level 3 certificate or be able to perform skill level. Students are introduced to  breast stroke, elementary back, and butterfly.
Level 5: Must hold level 4 certificate or be able to perform skill level. Students are introduced to sculling, front flip, back flip turns and enhance on each stroke 25 yards.
Level 6: Must hold level 5 certificate or be able to perform skill level. Students will refine strokes to swim longer distances and practice personal safety skills.

 All Lessons are taught to Red Cross Standards.