Chief Llorens

Appointed November 17th, 2011, Chief Llorens is the Department’s fifth police chief and the second to rise through the ranks beginning from academy recruit.

Chief Llorens is a former United States Marine, serving as a member of the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST Co.), based in Norfolk, Virginia.

Chief Llorens began his career at the Fountain Valley Police Department on August 1, 1988, at the Golden West College Criminal Justice Training Center.  Chief Llorens was elected class president, and received the academy award for marksmanship and the Director’s Leadership Award.

Chief Llorens’ early assignments include SWAT, an inaugural member of the Department’s Special Enforcement Team (gangs), color guard, field training officer, baton instructor, and community academy instructor.  Chief Llorens was promoted to Senior Officer in 1996 and Sergeant in 1998. He served as a supervisor on SWAT and the Special Investigations Unit (narcotics and vice) before being promoted to lieutenant in 2001.

Chief Llorens served as a watch commander, SWAT commander, and internal affairs investigator before being promoted to captain in 2004. Chief Llorens commanded both the department’s divisions, overseeing the Department’s transition to a regional SWAT Team.  He directed the creation of the Department’s Cadet program, school resource officer, patrol rifle and bike patrol programs.  Chief Llorens took the lead in promoting a data-driven approach to crime and traffic safety policing philosophy.  

Since 2011, Chief Llorens has emphasized leveraging technology and crime analysis while focusing on repeat offenders.  The Crime Suppression Unit was reoriented in 2013 to target probationers and parolees. Crime and management analysts were brought on board to manage the influx of data and rapidly address emerging issues.  

Chief Llorens is a graduate of the 39th Session of the California Command College.  He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from the California State University Long Beach in Occupational Studies.  He obtained a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a Graduate Certificate in Leadership of Criminal Justice Organizations from Chapman University.  Finally, Chief Llorens earned his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University. 

Chief Llorens and his wife Tammy, a public safety dispatcher, have been married since 1990. They have an adult son and teenage daughter.