Public Safety

  1. Animal Control

    The City of Fountain Valley contracts with the County of Orange for animal care services.

  2. Alarm Permits

    This page contains information & application form for Alarm Permits

  3. Coyote Information

    Coyote safety information page

  4. FV Alerts

  5. FV Fire Department

    The Fire Department's duty is to provide the community with outstanding service aimed to safeguard our citizens and visitors, as well as their property.

  6. FV Police Department

    This page provides a link to the FVPD site home page.

  7. Neighborhood Watch

    Neighborhood Watch in Fountain Valley is a joint effort by community members and the Fountain Valley Police Department to fight crime, protect property, and ensure safe neighborhoods.

  8. Promoting Public Safety

    Learn about how to be safe in public, prevent crime, and more.

  9. Sandbag Information, Sand Bags

    This page contains information about the City's Sandbag program

  10. Vacation Home Check Request

    This page contains the registration form for Fountain Valley residents to request a check of their home while on Vacation.

  11. Vector Control Information

    This page contains information about Orange County Vector & Mosquito, along with information about how to help reduce the spread of the West Nile Virus