Current Projects

  1. Costco Expansion

    The proposed Costco Expansion project includes a 7,356 sq. ft. building addition to the existing 152,700 sq. ft. Costco Wholesale warehouse.

  2. Electronic Message Center Sign

    The Electronic Message Center (EMC) Sign Project, submitted by Clear Channel Outdoor, proposes the construction and operation of a new EMC sign to display commercial advertisements to motorists traveling in both northbound and southbound directions on the adjacent Interstate 405 Freeway.

  3. Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan

    The City of Fountain Valley has embarked on the creation of the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan. The purpose of the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan will be to provide a policy and zoning framework that will allow for alternative land uses in the project area.

  4. Harbor Boulevard South Island Specific Plan

    The Ramser Development Company has submitted a proposal for a Specific Plan for the properties located at 16790, 16800, 16830, and 16842 Harbor Boulevard. The proposed 6.5 acre Specific Plan will allow for a variety of uses usually permitted in the M1 Manufacturing zone and self-storage uses at a 1.11 Floor Area Ratio (FAR). The proposed Specific Plan will be divided into three separate Planning Areas.

  5. Welbrook Assisted Living Facility

    Welbrook Senior Living, LLC has submitted a project to construct a 110,000 square foot Senior Living facility located at 11360 Warner Avenue.