Licenses & Permits

  1. Burglar Alarm Permit

    An alarm permit is required for all alarms installed in homes and businesses.

  2. Business License Applications

    Welcome to the City of Fountain Valley Business Community. An important part of commencing business includes obtaining the required business license and/or permit.

  3. Business Permits

    Read the code regulations on business license permits.

  4. Permitting

    The Planning and Building Department provides services designed to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Comprised of Current Planning, Advanced Planning, Building and Safety Services, Code Enforcement, and Housing and Community Development, the department focuses on the future as well as the present in its mission to ensure orderly development throughout the City.

  5. Temporary Use Permit

    A temporary use permit allows short-term activities that might not meet the normal development or use standards of the applicable zoning district, but may otherwise be acceptable because of their temporary nature.