City Manager

Updated February 1, 2017Revised Bob Hall photo 9-15-16

The City of Fountain Valley is optimistic in 2017 as we continue to deliver exceptional services to our residents and visitors. With the voters’ approval of Measure HH – Essential City Services (1% sales tax increase) during the November 2016 general election, the City will be will be able to maintain current city services for the next 20 years. The City is working on the Measure HH – Essential City Services Implementation Plan. One key element is the oversight committee and we anticipate the following dates to fill that board:

February 22 through March 10 – Open application period
March 13 through March 17 – Applicant interviews
March 21 – Recommendation and selection of members by City Council

Visit the Measure HH – Essential City Services page on the city website to keep up with current information.

We still have a lot of work to do as we approach the City’s 60th anniversary in June and Police Department 50th anniversary in July. The City and the Community Foundation are looking at options to expand Summerfest which could include activities such as a “parade” and “fireworks” to kick off the celebration.

As our community population ages the demand for services are likely to increase. We have to find additional sources of revenue to sustain the community and not depend on Measure HH- Essential City Services because that revenue is to only maintain current essential City services and pay off outstanding debt. “You can’t stay a bedroom community forever, because the cost of being a city now has changed so much that you simply have to have more revenue than a bedroom community can provide,” said Council member Cheryl Brothers.

City Council approved two new programs designed to attract and retain businesses: Hotel incentive program aims to attract three- to five-star hotels to build through hotel bed tax incentives and commercial property and business improvement program provides low-interest loans to existing business property owners. The Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan is another key project that ultimately will bring in more revenue for the City. The project will rezone a light industrial area to flexible land use possibilities for the property owners if they are interested in pursuing other opportunities then what is currently permitted. That plan will not require any business to change immediately; rather it proactively determines how that area will evolve over the next 20 years.

We appreciate the overwhelming community support in the past few years and as public servants we are here is do what is in the best interest of the community. We encourage our residents and businesses to continue to be engaged in the future of Fountain Valley to continue to make our community “A Nice Place to Live”.


Bob Hall