1. Administration

    Meet the offices of administration within the City of Fountain Valley.

  2. City Clerk

    The City Clerk’s Office has a wide range of responsibilities and duties that are provided daily. Learn more about their responsibilities and duties.

  3. Environmental Services

    Gather information about environmental services, publications they release, their responsibilities, and services they offer.

  4. Finance

    Our Finance Department has the fiscal responsibility of maintaining and monitoring the cities budgetary process including expenditures and revenues for the fiscal year.

  5. Fire Department

    The Fire Department's duty is to provide the community with outstanding service aimed to safeguard our citizens and visitors, as well as their property.

  6. Housing & Community Development

    With a variety of programs related to physical housing and neighborhood preservation, Housing and Community Development helps shape the city’s economic future and fosters a better quality of life for the citizens of Fountain Valley.

  7. Human Resources

    The Human Resources is responsible for providing human resources management to all City of Fountain Valley employees.

  8. Planning & Building

    The Planning and Building Department provides services designed to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Comprised of Current Planning, Advanced Planning, Building and Safety Services, Code Enforcement, and Housing and Community Development, the department focuses on the future as well as the present in its mission to ensure orderly development throughout the City.

  9. Police Department

    Gather information about the Police Department, the services they offer, their mission, and more.

  10. Public Works Department

    With an eye on the continued excellence of our community, Public Works strives to provide reliable infrastructure and maintenance services to the public.

  11. Purchasing

    The city’s Purchasing Department is a centralized purchasing system responsible for the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment and services for all city divisions and facilities pursuant to the requirements of the FVMC Chapter 2.36.

  12. Recreation & Community Services

    Get involved and have fun through the Fountain Valley Recreation and Community Services Department.

  13. Technology & Information Services