Information on Measure HH, Essential City Services

Measure HH Update, April 17, 2017

Dear Neighbor,

With the voters’ approval of Measure HH – Essential City Services (1% sales tax increase), the City is ready for the next steps of the implementation of Measure HH – Essential City Services. One key element is the creation of the Measure HH Oversight Committee which consists of one active senior resident, one business owner/resident, one resident voted no on Measure HH, one voted yes on Measure HH, one at-large, and one alternate. The City Council made the following appointments at the April 4 City Council Meeting:

One year term - Michelle Jensen (Yes on Measure HH)
One year term – Michael White (Alternate)
Two year term - Margie Drilling (At Large) and Jeffery Stone (No on Measure HH)
Three year term - John Brisco (65 Senior) and Matt Taylor (Business Resident)

We appreciate the overwhelming community support in the past year and we will continue to provide update to the community. We encourage our residents and businesses to continue to be engaged in the future of Fountain Valley so we can continue to be “A Nice Place to Live”.


Maggie Le
Assistant to the City Manager